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About us

We are a birding tour company specialized in routes within the state of Chiapas with the mission to give a memorable experience to our clients and, hopefully, impact their lives in terms of caring for our planet.

What makes us different are our birding code of ethics, our commitment with local communities and transparency towards our clients, as we only offer tours to locations we are acquainted with.

We are a team of
guides (certified by the federal secretariat of tourism) with a great passion for birds and the biodiversity of our state, Chiapas.


Eric was born in Acacoyagua and studied alternative tourism in San Cristóbal de las Casas at the UNICH. He started birding in 2008 and has, since then, been involved with birds in Chiapas as a guide, environmental educator or doing field monitoring of horned guan and resplendent quetzal. He is a co-founder of Sabes Aves.

Patricia, from Romerillo, Chamula, also studied alternative tourism at the UNICH. From 2014 she has been dedicating her career to the avian diversity of Chiapas, as an environmental educator and doing monitoring work of resplendent quetzal. She also enjoys painting birds in a scientific style. She is a co-founder of Sabes Aves.

Valente, born in San Cristóbal de las Casas, is an industrial ecologist from the TU Delft, the Netherlands. He started birding when he was around 7 years old. He is the most recent member of the team.

Eric. Birdwatching Mexico. Birding Chiapas. Birding Mexico. Birdwatching Chiapas. Vogelrezien Mexico
Patricia. Birdwatching Mexico. Birding Chiapas. Birding Mexico. Birdwatching Chiapas. Vogelrezien Mexico
Guide. Birdwatching Mexico. Birding Chiapas. Birding Mexico. Birdwatching Chiapas. Vogelrezien Mexico

The landscape of Chiapas ranges from coast up to mountains that surpass 4,000 metres above sea level. Within that altitude difference the geography and ecosystems are varied, making the state one of the most diverse of Mexico in terms of wildlife.
Regarding birds, Chiapas is very exciting as it is where the northern territory of Central-American bird species meets the southern range of Mexican endemics, and it also lies in the route of countless migratory birds.

Ethics during our tours
We find ourselves in a time where we can observe the last individuals of many bird species and the last remains of nature. Now, more than ever, we have to be respectful with nature and our environment. That is why during our tours we follow this code of ethics:

    -Walk in silence.
    -Do not leave walking trails.
-Do not use playback as it has a negative impact on the behaviour and population of birds.
    -Do not shine directly with flash-lights, lasers or camera flashes on animals.
    -Keep distance from nests.
    -Keep distance from resting birds.
    -Do not publish information (checklists, photos, videos, e.g.) of the location of endangered species or nests. This              may be done sometime later but without giving away the exact location.

Each of these measures can avoid fatalities among birds.

Comfort and safety

It is not only important to take care of our natural environment and the integrity of birds but also of us and our enjoyment. Therefore, remember to:

       Eat well during the tour
       Hydrate yourself
       Wear proper clothing and hat that will protect you from the sun, insects and/or rain.
       Use biodegradable insect repellent and sunblock.

Your integrity is important to us, that is why we have taken first aid training.

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